With a deep understanding of lighting, Ounen forecast the development trend of lighting industry accurately .So, position the product as “commercial lighting”, meanwhile ,the first down lamp named “big calico cat ”show up by independent invention and much of clients .It’s a great strategic success of Ounen and push Ounen into rapid expansion。


we do a lot of things to create a specific luminous environment in commercial spaces. In the whole lighting design, light can not be separated from the blend with architecture, optics, aesthetics. In order to show the products features and create a vitality lighting environment, we match the products with decorations by designing coffee house, hotel lobby, meeting room, supermarket, clothing shop, etc. in our experience room. OUNEN has transformed to a service provider who provides the integral lighting solution to customers.


Among the whole lighting design ,in order to achieve a specific commercial lighting environment and show up the product's feature ,It's necessary to combine the architecture ,optics and aesthetics. what's more, setting coffee house ,hotel ,meeting room ,supermarket and fashion shop, matching products with decoration. Build a vivid lighting environment, transform into service provider providing overall lighting solutions