Meeting Room

Lighting Design

Basic lighting is far beyond from the requirements for modern meeting rooms,people need customized lighting effects to satisfy different scenes,especially in meeting rooms.

Conventional way of lighting control is relying on the console with switches . ONEN lighting system with linear track and modular lighting components combined with dali control and sensors,which can achieve the automatic as well as vivid lighting effects.  

Meeting Mode

Lights will turn on automaticlly when someone enters,full light will be on in in the welcome mode.


Discussion Mode

With partial spot lights to provide approx.100lux surrounding for comfortable discussion.


Projection Mode

The lighting system will turn off most of the lights to reduce the light strength however,it will provide proper light on the table to meet the requirements of reading and writing.


Leisure Mode

In the mode only partical linear modules with flood light providing approx.50lux on the table for leisure and chatting at ease.